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November 24th, 2015
12:03 am
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Fairborn, Ohio slimeball pawning off pets for one dollar on Craigslist. >:-/
Some jerk from Fairborn, Ohio on Craigslist decided that it's okay to pawn off their pet rats for as cheap as one dollar. It's uncaring slimeballs like this who don't deserve to ever own any pets! >:-/

November 20th, 2015
09:36 pm
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A tribute to Marty Mouse
A tribute to Marty to mark his one year anniversary of starting the Heaben division of his Internashunal Bizness.


November 15th, 2015
04:00 pm
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Rat brings owner tissues
November 7th, 2015
12:24 am
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From pest to pet

From pest to pet

By Avinash Chak

Remy from Disney Pixar's "Ratatouille" might not be the only rodent welcome in people's homes. While most rats in Chicago scurry around alleys and tunnels, causing all sorts of problems for the city, some have a friendlier relationship with residents.

November 6th, 2015
09:21 pm
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This little creature is going to be your new favourite animal

*Elephant Shrews are actually not rodents, but rodent-like. They belong to the family Macroscelididae!*

This little creature is going to be your new favourite animal
This elephant shrew was photographed sneezing adorably at Chester zoo and you are soon going to want ten of them


 By Helena Horton

3:45PM GMT 06 Nov 2015

Is this not the most adorable rodent in the world? These pictures are perhaps cuter than the baby bunny pictured trying to eat a thistle in October.

This endangered elephant shrew, which can only be found in Africa, or in captivity, had a bit of a sneeze at Chester zoo, showing off its pink tongue.

The gorgeous animal, also known as a sengi, made its debut at the zoo recently.

 It was captured showing off a very pink, cute, tongue.

There is even a video of the darling creature and its friend scurrying around.

The tiny newcomer, also known as a round eared elephant-shrew, was born at the zoo for the very first time during the summer in a special behind-the-scenes breeding facility.

Bizarrely, the tiny creatures are not thought to be directly linked to their shrew cousins in other parts of the world and are more closely related to elephants, and are amongst very few mammals that naturally pair up for life.

 They are also the cutest animals in the entire world, and we want twelve.

However, this is not possible.

This website says: "They are endangered wild animals, and for that reason if not others, they are not good candidates for family pets."

What absolutely heartbreaking news.

 In addition, the greatest threat to their survival is the human race.

To make up for this, we should probably breed a few armies of them. That would be adorable.
October 30th, 2015
10:44 pm
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Photogenic Rescue Squirrel Is A Huge Fan Of Her New Life

Photogenic Rescue Squirrel Is A Huge Fan Of Her New Life

By Caitlin Jill Anders
06 October 2015

This is Jill, a squirrel who was rescued during Hurricane Isaac. She now lives with her unlikely human best friend who gave her a home, and she could not be happier about it.

Jill is a happy, playful 2-year-old squirrel whose only fears in life are vacuums, according to her Instagram profile. When Jill was first rescued, she probably had no idea that her life would become so ... fabulous.

Read more here : https://www.thedodo.com/rescue-squirrel-instagram-1390972193.html?xrs=RebelMouse_fb
October 28th, 2015
10:43 am
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Bouncy Rat Gets WAY Too Excited Playing Peek-A-Boo

Bouncy Rat Gets WAY Too Excited Playing Peek-A-Boo

By Ameena Schelling
27 October 2015

This might be the bounciest rat ever.

A video from a few years ago shows a girl playing peek-a-boo with her pet rat, and the little guy couldn't be any more excited. Every time she hides her face, he just can't wait to see her again.

And every time she pulls her hands away, he just freaks out.

Despite popular prejudice, rats make incredible pets — they're intelligent, kind and, as this video shows, tremendously fun to play with.

You can watch the video below to see the full bouncy experience, complete with a rat cuddle session. And if you're tempted to go out and get your own ratty friend, just remember to look into adoption first.

If you need more rats in your life, here's a video of a rat eating spaghetti.


October 15th, 2015
08:23 pm
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Have a dose of Halloween cuteness! =^.^=
Have a dose of Halloween cuteness! =^.^=

October 9th, 2015
09:06 pm
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Learn anatomy without having to kill and dissect creatures!

Learn Anatomy By Dissecting Knitted Animals

October 4, 2015 | by Danielle Andrew

Photo credit: Emily Stoneking

Weaving guts and wool into fantastic knitted creations, artist Emily Stoneking has made a line of (sort of) anatomically correct, partially dissected, knitted creatures.

“I take a lot of artistic liberties,” Emily Stoneking told Bored Panda. “I do spend a lot of time researching real anatomical structures, and my guts have evolved over time (they used to be pretty blobby and random). But now, they really look very human, which I have found people tend to gravitate to."

Stoneking also added that "The real deal is pretty messy and there are not a lot of distinct colors, and I want it to look more like an anatomical illustration (albeit an inaccurate one)," added Stoneking "I have begun moving toward more human based two-dimensional felted pieces, which I do aim to make very anatomically correct."

Stoneking also branches out into more unusual anatomical creations.

“The question I get asked most often is: ‘Are you a scientist?’ And the answer is a resounding, no! I have a historian’s brain, not a scientist’s brain, I’m afraid."

Stoneking sells her knitted animals dissections and other educational pieces on her aKNITomy Etsy shop.

October 7th, 2015
07:26 pm
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New 'hog-nosed rat' discovered in Indonesia
New 'hog-nosed rat' discovered in Indonesia

The only thing is that they should have used live traps to catch, tranquilize and study the animal! There is no excuse for killing an animal to get a specimen! Honestly people would rather see photos and video footage of the animal in a museum, and if they really need a display model they can make a realistic plush version of it! ;-)


A team of scientists have discovered a new species of rat in Indonesia.

The species, which has been named Hyorhinomys stuempkei - hog-nosed rat - has "distinct and unique features uncommon to other rats", they said.

Five of the rodents were discovered on Sulawesi island earlier in January by researchers from Australia, Indonesia and the US.

Museum Victoria's mammal curator Kevin Rowe said the species was "previously undocumented".

"We were on a mission to survey remote mountains in the area and to put evolution in Asia and Australia into context," Mr Rowe said.

"Nothing is currently known about these rats and how widely they were distributed throughout the forests."

'Remarkable morphological evolution'

Mr Rowe, who specialises in rodent evolution, spent six weeks in Indonesia with other scientists and a group of locals trying to reach the remote forest area.

He also shared with the BBC the "exciting moment" of finding a hog-nosed rat.

"We had been setting up overnight traps for a few days - that was when I stumbled upon a completely new rat," he said.

"I hollered immediately for my colleagues as I knew it was a new species."

The rats appeared "healthy, with full stomachs", weighing at an estimated 250g.

Mr Rowe also added that there were rats on Sulawesi island similar to the newly discovered mammal, but they "weren't the same".

"Last year we discovered amphibious and toothless rats on the island too. There is a remarkable morphological evolution going on there."

He said the rat's uniqueness had "far exceeded expectations".

"Obviously its nostrils which resemble a hog's, are very unique. But it also has a long face and larger ears for a rat of its size and lower teeth which are more in common with shrew rats," he said.

"It also has pubic hairs that are very long and extended which we see in other Australian mammals."

The rats have since been preserved and are lodged in a museum in Indonesia.
October 5th, 2015
08:37 pm
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Lucky for this mouse the cat was friendly. =^.^=
Lucky for this mouse the cat was friendly. =^.^=


This game of cat and mouse will only have one winner: Duo appear to play together - but let's not get carried away...

  • There's no doubt there would only be one winner if these two were fighting

  • But the cat and mouse played for the cameras and seemed to get along

  • The mouse was said to have 'scampered off' unscathed after playing

  • The pictures were taken by cat owner Paul Mealey in Westport, Ireland

By Anthony Joseph for MailOnline

Published: 19:18 GMT, 30 September 2015 | Updated: 10:27 GMT, 1 October 2015

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3255251/This-game-cat-mouse-one-winner.html#ixzz3nk5tsYok
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Tom and Jerry take note - this is how a cat and mouse can get on as friends.

There's no doubt there would only be one winner if these two were fighting.

But the animals played for the cameras and seemed to get along, with the mouse 'scampering off' unscathed.

Scroll down for video

The animals played for the cameras and seemed to get along, with the mouse 'scampering off' unscathed

The heart-warming pictures were taken by cat owner Paul Mealey in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.

The two-year-old cat, Lala, seemed to forget the pair were supposed to be sworn enemies.

The rescue animal was seen playing with her new friend for more than 20 minutes in Mr Mealey's garden.

The pictures were taken by cat owner Paul Mealey in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland

The two-year-old cat, Lala, seemed to forget the pair were supposed to be sworn enemies

She gave the rodent a kiss and cuddle as, the smaller of the two danced around joyfully

She gave the rodent a kiss and cuddle as, the smaller of the two danced around joyfully.

Mr Mealey said: 'They were playing really happily together in the late summer sunshine.

'At the end the mouse just scampered off and Lala looked really happy that she had made a new friend.'
Mr Mealey said: 'They were playing really happily together in the late summer sunshine

She gave the rodent a kiss and cuddle as, the smaller of the two danced around joyfully

She gave the rodent a kiss and cuddle as, the smaller of the two danced around joyfully.

Mr Mealey said: 'They were playing really happily together in the late summer sunshine.

'At the end the mouse just scampered off and Lala looked really happy that she had made a new friend.'

Mr Mealey said: 'They were playing really happily together in the late summer sunshine'
Pictured is the mouse speaking to its new pal Lala the cat - an unusual friendship
October 2nd, 2015
11:53 am
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Cowardly man kills a tiny rat just because it came into his home. >.
What a damn coward of a man! Scared of a tiny animal just because it came into his house so he had to kill it. Shame on him!
September 25th, 2015
12:37 pm
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Pizza Rat wins over hearts of jaded cynics on social media and gets his own plush toy =^.^=

Pizza Rat wins over hearts of jaded cynics on social media, starts trending across globe


On Monday, an unlikely rat started trending on Twitter.

Dubbed the #pizzarat, a short video and gif of the animal trying to take a slice of pizza into the New York subway started taking over social media.

“Every pizza industry PR team currently having heated discussion about whether to associate the brand with a rat,” Washington Post writer said in a tweet.

The video was posted by Matt Little, a comedian who lives in New York. He subtitled the video “A rat tries to bring slice of pizza down subway station stairs. OR Master Splinter bringing food home to feed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

The short video has mesmerized the online community.

With some users equating the small rat’s struggle with their own lives.


Viral sensation Pizza Rat gets his own plush toy

September 23, 2015 | 5:15pm

A fan of New York City’s hottest celebrity — a rodent whose struggle to maneuver a slice of pizza down the subway stairs went viral – has unveiled an adorable tribute to the plucky critter: a Pizza Rat plushy.

Tina Trachtenburg, who is known for selling pigeon and urban vermin sculptures in parks, first posted a photo of the cuddly plushy on Twitter simply with the hasthtag #pizzarat, Vanishing New York reported.

She later posted an inspirational video of the toy mimicking the real-life Pizza Rat.

Trachtenburg said fans can catch a sneak peak at her creation in Union Square on Friday, but provided no additional details.

It is unknown if the toy will be for sale.

12:26 pm
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Slimebag from China ties two rats to beer bottles and hits them with chopsticks >:-/
What kind of person thinks this is funny? Here we have a slimebag from China who thought it was funny to tie two rats by their limbs to beer bottles and put them on trial where he was the judge, jury and executioner, and their punishment was to be hit over the head repeatedly with chopsticks D: This sick SOB must feel like a really big man for hurting two small helpless animals! >.< I hope that karma finds it's way and the same thing happens to him. The bastid needs to be tied up like a Pinata and whacked with a Kendo stick!

September 16th, 2015
03:28 pm
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Why are people like this allowed to operate a pet store from their home? D:
Here is a Kajiji ad poster from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia who's literally giving away free animals because their house is an overcrowded zoo. :-( Why are people like this allowed to own so many animals? D:

02:57 pm
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Dirtbag feeder breeder from Kingston Ontario! >:-/

This dirtbag named Naythan Lapointe from Kingston, Ontario is a sick slimeball who breeds rodents out of his house at 300 Conachar Rd. in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. https://www.facebook.com/cyb3rp1mp?fref=ts

The guy has been seen to own many snakes and his rodents are kept in tiny tanks in crowded conditions. He breeds so many that he tries to sell them on Kajiji as a business. This trashead should not be allowed to own any animals! Even his so-called friends have wrote about him on Kingston's Dirtest, which says allot about the kind of person he is. You can read about him here: http://thedirty.com/gossip/kingston/kingstons-dirtiest/

02:24 pm
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Scumbag from Scranton Pennsylvania! >:-/
There's a scumbag from Scranton, Pennsylvania, more specifically the town of Ashley who is a backyard feeder/breeder of rodents that keeps their animals in dirty, crowded fish tanks and tubs. People have said that the rats have been injured from fighting and sick with tumors. D: This is why we need stronger laws to protect animals of all sizes and to stop scumbags like this from being allowed to own any! >:-/

September 13th, 2015
12:34 pm
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A sick monster of a person from Indonesia poisons mice with cigarette smoke 4 his science project!
A sick monster of a person from Malang, Indonesia poisons mice with cigarette smoke for his science project! This is his Facebook and his name is David Chen! https://www.facebook.com/davidmantep

Please report this sadistic SOB from Malang, Indonesia who purposely subjected mice to cigarette smoke for his science experiment, killing one of the poor animals! >:-/ https://www.facebook.com/davidmantep/videos/10153747348733054/?pnref=story 
Animal Cruelty Facebook Sept 2015.pngAnimal Cruelty Facebook Sept 2015.png
Animal Cruelty Facebook Sept 2015.png
David Chen Comments.png
August 29th, 2015
01:47 am
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Please sign this petition!
Please sign this petition!


Stop The inhumane treatment at Teske's Pet store. Shut it down!

Teske's is a local pet store in Moline, Illinois. Their treatment of animals is HORRIFIC. Some even ending in death. Here is Kane's story..

Darcy, a long time employee allowed Kane (Pictured minutes before death) to suffer. She stated she had him for 6 months prior (without any vet treatment). After customers complained to them about his condition, she finally gave him to someone who could better care for him. In the hands of his new care taker, is where he spent his last hours and took his final breath.  Here is Jillians Story..

"Kane was, and still is, a huge part of this world. He was an animal at a local mom and pop pet shop that was neglected, and abused in the truest sense of the word. I went in to the shop and was notified that if I wanted Kane I could have him for free as he was started to get sick. Darcy, the "rat lady", at teskes in moline illinois, stated she had got him 6 months prior to this day when someone brought him in not wanting him anymore. She claimed she had only gotten a couple litters from him when he stopped breeding and was showing signs of being ill.
Kane was on the sale floor. She would have sold him to anyone else for the price that was on his tank $8.99.

Kane was malnourished, had brittle white teeth and was so badly covered in mites and lice that they were very much so visible to the naked eye. She had no care done for him in any way besides a regular cleaning of his tank and just throwing food in for him, which he couldn't eat because his teeth were way too over grown. She admitted that in the whole time she'd known he was sick she didn't get him vet care. This animal was only in my home, life and family for 6 hours before he took his last breath while laying in my lap! There is no way that should go unpunished! Kane deserves justice! His life did not end in vain and I will only blatantly put it this way, what if it was your pet or your child that had suffered for SIX months!? Wouldn't you want justice? Wouldn't he/she DESERVE justice?"- Jillian.

We ask any and all to help us receive justice for Kane. Please sign and share this petition. We don't know how many other animals are in the care of this pet store, but we do know, if they couldn't take the time to care for a Rat, they have no right "caring" for any animal.

August 25th, 2015
02:51 pm
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DO NOT buy the crinkle tubes from petco!
DO NOT buy the crinkle tubes from petco! RatBob got himself stuck and almost killed himself while i was at work. Came home and went to clean the cage and found him like this with thread wrapped around his throat. I have been speaking with the petco facebook page and trying to get them to take this off the shelf or at least not to market it towards rodents that chew.

August 18th, 2015
11:26 am
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Please sign and share this petition!
Please sign and share this petition!


  • author: Bekky Waterman

  • target: Hertfordshire police department

  • signatures: 596

Four rats lived happily together in a lovely large cage with plenty of toys and a wonderful balanced diet. They were adored and played with. They loved their owner and had a fantastic bond with each other.
Someone snapped three of their necks for no reason other than cruelty. Three precious lives were taken away in the quick movement of someone's fingers. One rat was left alone without her siblings, with whom she had a beautiful and loving relationship.
This person deserves to be fined and sentenced to time in prison for the disgusting act of killing three innocent and beautiful creatures! Please sign this petition to show your support and tell the world that you want justice served!
July 23rd, 2015
02:13 pm
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People like this Worm Lady who make blood money off selling live animals as food are sick slimebags!
People like this Worm Lady who make blood money off selling live animals as food are sick slimebags! I hope that karma comes back to bite this bitch in the form of bad health problems because of what she does to small animals! Shops that sell live animals as food should be made illegal because live feeding is cruel and unnecessary! That said, it's too bad that Zombies don't exist as this Worm Lady certainly deserves to be eaten alive by them!

July 22nd, 2015
10:50 am
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Who dumped dozens of domestic white rats at the Westside Highway Park in New York?


Who Released Dozens Of White Rats Next To Hudson River Park?

by Christopher Robbins in News on Jul 14, 2015 1:40 pm

Now comes a video of dozens of white rats likely tasting freedom for the first time over near Hudson River Park.

According to our tipster, this 12-second rat rodeo clip (might want to keep the foil snug on that edamame falafel kimchi burrito until after you click) was taken around 8 p.m. yesterday evening on an elevated patch of grass next to 12th Avenue near 57th Street, next to the West Side Highway.


"Called the appropriate authorities and was told something along the lines of, 'This is NYC, there are rats here,' " says the anonymous tipster.

But according to Jason Munshi-South, an associate professor of biology at Fordham University who studies wildlife in New York City, these rats are probably someone's pets.

"White coat color would not be impossible in wild Norway rats…but certainly not at that frequency in one place in NYC. You can see juvenile rats running around in the video, so I think someone just dumped their captive, reproductive colony out in the median," Munshi-South told us in an email.

"Yet another tip-off is that the rats are just milling around above ground in the middle of the day. They are busy exploring this new environment (and probably confused). You will see wild rats out in the day, especially in big colonies, but they will be going in and out of their burrows. These rats don't seem to even have any burrows."

Munshi-South says it is unlikely that the rats are from a lab or "contaminated" with any infectious disease, and that there's is "probably less of a disease risk than the typical NYC rat."

We've contacted the Health Department and the Hudson River State Park Trust to see if either of them saved the rats. If not, Munshi-South says their hours could be numbered.

"Those rats are not going to last very long if someone doesn't rescue them. They'll be run over by cars, eaten by hawks, or attacked by wild rats. Clearly out of their element."

[UPDATE // 3:18 PM] A spokesman for Hudson River Park Trust tells us that the park does not maintain the medians next to the park, and that the park has not received any complaints about white rats. (A uniformed man with a shovel appears in a video of the rats posted by a commenter below.)

If you wish to donate funds to help the rescued NYC rats, please send them to Kristin Weber's Helping All Little Things. They took over a hundred of them yesterday, and are caring for them and nursing them back to health if at all possible. They are the ones that effectively did the most, and they are the ones who really need the help.
HALT's Paypal is info@haltrescue.com.
Please share. Thanks. (This is based on information given to me from Lisa after yesterday's drop off/pick up etc).

West Side Highway Rats update: message from Lisa:
Update for social media. Please send to anyone who may be interested in posting.

This is a photo of Petunia, Rose, and Daffodil on their way to their new foster home with their guardian. These angels are the lucky ones: we continue to see more dying horrific deaths from the city's attempt to poison these sweet domestic animals. To date we have had 34 adopted, with 2 adoptions pending; and 13 taken for foster care. Babies continue to be born to the large number of females rescued from the West Side Highway in Manhattan. We desperately need fosters and adopters for upcoming litters. I will post a list of currently available for adoption soon. Individual kind humans, not affiliated with any rescue group, have put their lives on hold to go daily to try to save these doomed animals. There is no support from any city agency, there is no support from law enforcement, there is no support from media: this is not a story worth telling. Please help us help these poor defenseless animals find safety. They do not deserve to suffer and die these brutal deaths. Individuals continue to go out daily, but we need new help to relieve those exhausted by non-stop effort. We need people who are willing to hold these animals until they can be transported to a rescue in NJ. The rescue in NJ has taken more than 150 of these rats, and we would be hopeless without their assistance. If you cannot help any other way, please donate to their care. Literally every dollar counts. PayPal info@haltrescue.com, specify NYC rat rescue. Thanks to all who support is in our efforts to save these gentle souls.

Another way to help would be to purchase one of these t-shirts, long sleeve, sweatshirts, or hoodies, and the funding goes to help the rescued rats. =^.^=

July 13th, 2015
11:35 am
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What to do if your pet rat has an accidental litter?


Pet stores often do little in the way of seperating their rats into gender groups, and as a result, it’s likely that the female you just purchased is pregnant.
It’s unfortunate that unplanned litters happen, but they do. The first step is not to panic: there are several steps you can take to ensure that the mother has a safe birth, and that she raises a happy litter.

1. At what age do rats hit sexual maturity?

Though rats are not considered fully grown until 7-10 months of age, they can become sexually mature at as young as four weeks. Rats generally become sexually active at about five weeks, and should be separated from littermates of the opposite gender at this age. If you've purchased a female who was kept in a mixed sex group and is over 5 weeks of age, there is a good chance that she is pregnant.

2. What is the gestation period?

The usual gestation period for a rat is 18-28 days. Most rats give birth sometime around the 21-23 day mark. If your rat is obviously pregnant and hasn't given birth by about the 25th day, it is probably best to consult a vet.

by: http://www.ratanooga.co.za/pregnant-rat-faq/

(I had to separate my rats at 5 weeks old, or I would have had many more births, so it's important to do your research... BLUE Cage for the 5 boys... WHITE Cage for the 2 girls)

July 6th, 2015
11:45 am
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Beware of this creep of a scumbag ad poster from O'Fallon, Missouri!
Here we have the ultimate of creeps, a man named Tyler from O'Fallon, Missouri. This scumbag posts two types of ads, one asking for unwanted pets to use as feeders, and two ones to offer pet rats for sale when either his snakes don't eat them or he no longer wants them. Well in the second ad some people close to his area contacted him about taking the three female dumbo rats (two were hairless and one not) shortly after the ad was posted, but the bastard replied to them and said "sorry, I fed them off already". The jerk also posts ads to sell off his various snakes when he's tired of them. Slimeballs like Tyler should not be allowed to own pets of any kind, and if it were up to me I'd lock this SOB up in jail and throw away the key!

June 13th, 2015
12:47 pm
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Please sign this petition? - A neighbor enters a lady's property and poisons her pet rats D:
Please sign this petition? - A neighbor enters a lady's property and poisons her pet rats D:


All small pets (ferrets, rats, hamsters) deserve the same rights as bigger pets. They are still animals. A women in a group for small animals posted that her neighbor poisoned her pet rats, and admitted to it. After talking in the group we wanted to take a stand. They might be "pests" to people, but they are still loved by their owners. He had no right to enter their property, and kill their animals. The cops won't take it seriously. Help us have them understand.

May 27th, 2015
01:19 pm
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This is why people (not the rescue) who can't take care of pets should not be allowed to own any!
This is a sad story of where a small animal rescue was condemned all because some stupid people dropped off a box of rats outside their place without having the decency to contact them and arrange a drop-off. All of this could have been avoided D: There really need to be stricter laws as to who can own pets, who can breed them and who can purchase them to prevent unwanted animal problems like this! >:-/ Too often it is the rescues that are left to solve the problem of taking in unwanted pets due to bad pet owners :-(


Animal rescue condemned after rat infestation

Animal rescue condemned over damage caused by rats

Critter Cafe operated under a special ordinance variance that allowed no more than 80 small animals. An inspection this month found more than one dozen cats. The rescue's condition was reported to township leaders after someone went to Critter Cafe to make an adoption.

"Someone attempting to adopt a bird said we needed to rush over there because there is a horrific rat infestation," said Brian Wersham, Fruitport Township Supervisor.

Bishop says earlier this year someone dropped off a box of rats outside the home. Those rats weren't discovered right a way. Bishop says that one box of rats led to this.

"By the time they were found, they had already colonized in several different places," she said.

Police have an open investigation into alleged animal abuse and neglect. The state's Department of Natural Resources is also looking into the possibility some of the animals inside this home were wild and therefore illegal to keep as pets.

Supporters of the rescue hope police will turn their attention to finding the person who dropped off the rats here a few months ago.

May 20th, 2015
09:31 am
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What kind of monsters are these? D:

The wife of Greg from this Kajiji ad threw one of the rats outdoors to die because it nipped her. She is denying some of the rats food and water. All rats are crammed into very tiny tanks etc I am speaking of the rats going as live snake food in shediac. There are approx. 12 boys and 12 girls. When people complained to the NBSPCA the investigator didn't seem to care because "they were just rats". :-( Well small pets are just as important and their lives matter too!

May 17th, 2015
11:34 am
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Rats Use Their Whiskers Like Humans Use Their Fingers

Rats Use Their Whiskers Like Humans Use Their Fingers

July 8, 2014 | by Justine Alford
Photo credit: Alexey Krasavin, via Wikimedia Commons

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have found that rats deliberately change the position and movement of their whiskers depending on various different factors, such as familiarity with the environment and the risk of bumping into objects, much like how a human uses hands and fingers. The findings therefore suggest that such whisker movement is under active control and is purposefully carried out in order to seek information. The study has been published in Current Biology.

Vibrissae are long, thick hairs found on almost all mammals, except humans, that are specialized for tactile (touch) sensing. While they’re found on various parts of the body, those located on the face (whiskers) are most frequently studied.

Rats and other small mammals are known to perform rhythmic back and forth sweeps of their whiskers during exploration (“whisking”), which is assumed to convey some sensory advantage to the animal. While it is known that this behavior allows the animal to locate interesting stimuli, to what extent the animals can deliberately modulate whisker movement was unknown. In particular, researchers did not know whether whisker control changes according to context, such as the availability of visual cues, which is a hallmark of “active sensing.”

In order to find out more, scientists trained rats, some of which were functionally blind, for several days to run circuits for food and then filmed them using high-speed videography. The researchers then observed how whisking changed according to certain variables, such as environmental familiarity and risk of collision with obstacles.

They found that blind rats in new environments moved slowly and performed broad, exploratory sweeps with their whiskers, but as the environment became more familiar they moved faster around the course and directed their whiskers in front of them, making smaller whisker movements in order to avoid unexpected collisions. Furthermore, in environments with increased risk of bumping into objects, blind rats pushed their whiskers further forward and moved more slowly, suggesting they were aware of the obstacles and changed their strategy accordingly.

They also discovered that sighted rats changed whisker control strategy as they got used to the environment and also when visual cues were removed by placing them in darkness.

Lead researcher Tony Prescott likened this behavior to how humans use their hands to detect obstacles whilst navigating in the dark. If the environment is familiar, humans will move faster than in novel environments, holding out their hands in front of them to avoid crashing into unexpected objects.

“All mammals except humans use facial whiskers as touch sensors. In humans we seem to have replaced this sense, in part, by being able to use our hand and fingers to feel our way,” added Prescott. “The rat puts its whiskers where it thinks it will get the most useful information, just as we do with our fingertips.”

May 15th, 2015
02:50 pm
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Earth Blog
Rats will save their friends from drowning

If one rat is drowning, another will step in to save it. The new finding suggests that these rodents feel empathy

  • Presented by
    Melissa Hogenboom

Saving another person from a life-or-death situation is something many of us do instinctively.

But it's not unique to humans. Many primates will also help each other out. They are our closest relatives, so it's likely that our ape-like ancestors behaved in similar ways.

In other words, our willingness to save others is an ancient trait, which modern humans have inherited.

This trait may go back a surprisingly long way. Rodents such as rats are much more distantly related to us, and our common ancestor with them must have lived millions of years ago. Yet according to a new experiment, rats will save their friends from drowning.

Rats have empathy too (Credit: Kim Taylor/NPL)

When one was soaked in water, another rat quickly learned how to operate a lever that would allow it to escape to a safe and dry area.

They did so even in the presence of a tempting chocolate treat, foregoing the lever that would release the food in favour of the one that would save the drowning rat.

The rats therefore engage in helpful "prosocial behaviour" even if there was no apparent reward. Saving a distressed rat was valuable to them.

Past experience played a role too. If the saviour rat had had a similar near-death experience, it was much quicker to help.

But when there was nobody to save, or the distressed rat was replaced with an inanimate object, the rats no longer pressed the lever.

We get by with a little help from our friends (Credit: Arco Images GmbH/Alamy)

Published in the journal Animal Cognition, the research suggests that rats may have empathy, and that they recognise the suffering of others and want to alleviate it.

Understanding that rats have empathy could lead the way for further studies giving insight into the neural basis of social behaviour.

"Empathy is one of the important abilities for our social life," said lead author of the study Nobuya Sato of Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan.

If rats really do have empathy, we could start to find out how it works at a neural level.

That would help us understand the evolution of social behaviour, as well as psychological conditions where individuals lack empathy.

Empathy is usually seperated into emotional empathy and cognitive empathy, says Sato. The new study specifically suggests rats feel emotional empathy: the ability to share the emotional states of other individuals.

May 12th, 2015
11:18 am
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We need to find a name to the pic of the jerk who made his pet rats inhale smoke from his bong!
This scumbag needs to be punished for making his pet rats inhale smoke from his bong! >:-/ https://www.facebook.com/bruno.fertinni/videos/1389046948082434/

April 27th, 2015
08:04 pm
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Words cannot describe how evil this person is! D:
This sick bastid, this monster Corey Phillips deserves to be locked up in jail and to throw away the key, and believe me that's putting it nicely for such a piece of effing trash as he is for burning, stabbing and drowning poor little animals alive as he admits for the fun of it. >:-/  https://www.facebook.com/corey.dymock

Here is a petition to sign to demand justice against this monster and his pals!


01:17 pm
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Proper bar spacing requirements for wire cages for mice and rats
For mice which can squeeze through really tight spaces the idea bar spacing on the cages should be no more than 1/4 of an inch apart for adult mice and 1/8 of an inch apart for young mice. It should be no more than 1/2 inch apart for rats. With rodents, if the head gets through, they can squeeze the body through. Please correct this on your webpage?

"The only cage bars that might be okay (depending on the mouse) are ¼ inch square (not tall or long bars but square mesh) or smaller. Most mice can fit out of bar cages, even if the bars are ¼ inch apart. Young or small mice can easily fit out 1/8 inch spaced bars. Almost all mice can fit out of anything that their skull can fit through. Note that their skull is much smaller than their head appears! Mice have a rather flat scull and they can really shimmy it between bars. The mice that don't escape from cage bars are either very over weight or just haven't had the desire to... yet. However, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You never know when your mouse might think that and escape! "

A cage won't be much good if it doesn't hold your rats in! The bar spacing that you will need will depend on the size of the rats that you plan on housing. If you are planning to house baby rats, the bar spacing should be 1/2" or less, where large adult rats can be housed in cages with 1" bar spacing. Most cages will have primarily horizontal or vertical bars with spacing between, the most secure cages are cages made with rectangular or square mesh with less than 1/2" spacing in each gap. Generally, cages with 1" bar spacing will hold large adult female rats or adult male rats, but some adult female rats may still be able to escape from cages with 1" bar spacing.
April 24th, 2015
12:01 am
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A wonderful article about pet rats by Ratropolis! =^.^=~


Rats Are the Very Definition of Companion Animal

Recently, there has been some buzz about whether or not domesticated rats are considered companion animals. Felony charges in an animal abuse case were declined because the felony charge addresses abuse against companion animals and someone decided that rats are not companion animals. The matter is further complicated because the rats in question were likely largely intended to be fed to a snake.

All of us in the pet rat community know that rats are clearly companion animals and find it astonishing that we should even have to defend this. We also know that there is no difference between the rats that end up fed to snakes and the rats that we love and adore, and both deserve the same protections when it comes to abuse. However, those who have not walked in our shoes can have a hard time seeing through our eyes. Below is my attempt to provide others a glimpse into our world.

Domesticated rats are companion animals. They love and are loved by their owners in the same way as cats or dogs and deserve the same protections.

My youngest son watching TV with
one of our first rats, Weasel
Rats are one of the most popular pocket pets. Parents magazine describes them as “some of the best pets for small children”  (http://www.parents.com/parenting/pets/kids/best-small-pets-for-your-child1/). They are sold as pets by pet stores and breeders and are adopted out by rescues. Pet supply stores, veterinarians, and online communities all cater to the pet rat. Rats make better pets than most small animals because they bond closely to their people and actively seek out human interaction. Rats are considered the small pet equivalent of a dog. Like dogs, they are loyal, highly intelligent, and can be trained to do tricks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A07gDVLe14). Rats are often chosen as emotional support animals, and their close bond with people makes them especially suited to this role.

Bela and Ruby were intended to be snake food at a reptile store when
Animal Control closed the store. They were adopted out to us by EARPS.

Domesticated rats are sometimes fed to snakes; however, there are no genetic, biological, or behavioral differences between rats fed to snakes and those kept as pets. In fact, many pet rats start out life destined for a snake. Some snake owners become attached to their rats and opt to keep some as pets alongside their snakes. Any living creature can be food for something else, but that does not define them. Rats are companion animals first and foremost. Just because it is legal for certain types of companion animals to be also used as food for other animals does not make it a lesser crime to abuse those animals. The abuse of any domesticated rat, regardless of what fate has been selected for him, should be prosecuted with the same severity as the abuse of any other companion animal.

My oldest son having some soup with Jo in his collar

Our family shares our home with two dogs and seven pet rats. We pay more in veterinary bills to care for our rats than we do for our dogs, because rats are vulnerable to many health issues that often require medication and/or surgery. We frequent two qualified veterinary practices to seek care for our rats, including treatment for injuries, illness, and tumors and elective procedures such as neuters (all of our girls get spayed and our boys get neutered when needed). This is how health concerns are addressed in companion animals.

Home to our family rats

We have large cages to house our rats, filled with toys, huts, tubes, litter boxes, and home-sewn hammocks. We provide a quality rat diet and cook fresh foods for them. We take them out of their cages for at least an hour every day. They have their own rat-safe room to explore during supervised out time. My children choose to spend quality time with them every day. They help nurse them when they are ill and encourage them to eat when their appetite is poor. When their time comes, we bring them to the vet to let them go peacefully without suffering. When they pass away, we all grieve. It is hard. Our vet sends us sympathy cards because they know every loss is difficult. This is how companion animals are cared for.

Our rats at the cage door ready to greet us,
like a dog at your front door when you
come home from work
When we enter the rat room, our rats run to the cage doors to greet us, eager for pets and for play. They climb up our arms and lick our fingers and nibble on our ears. They tug on our pant legs when they want to be picked up. They snuggle on our lap for a nap. They ride around the house on our shoulders. They share our food. They wrestle with our fingers. Rats rarely bite. Only if they have been neglected or abused will they bite, and even then, most do not. They are friendly, trusting animals that only want companionship, good food, some play, and a comfortable place to live. This is the behavior of a companion animal.

Our family is not unique. We are just one household of many in the pet rat community. But there is nothing ordinary about the rats who have touched our lives. Each has a unique personality and a special soul. Those who have never met a domesticated rat may be prejudiced against them, confusing them with their wild counterparts. They are not vermin, dirty, or disposable. They are clean, gentle, and loving. They have been selectively bred as such for over a hundred years. They are trusting of their people. They would not imagine that their people would ever hurt them, and they go along eagerly wherever their people take them. We need to protect them when their people abuse that trust as we would protect any other companion animal. They are not defined as food. They are defined as companion.

If the description I have provided does not define companion animal, nothing does. 510 ILCS 70/2.01a (Illinois law) defines a companion animal as “an animal that is commonly considered to be, or is considered by the owner to be, a pet." There can be no doubt that domesticated rats own that definition. Countless Facebook groups and rat communities like GooseMoose (www.goosemoose.com) and the Rat Shack (www.ratshackforum.com/forum/) are a testament to this fact. Domesticated rats are companion animals and deserve the same protections as cats and dogs.

April 23rd, 2015
06:02 pm
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Pet rats killed in washing machine not considered "companion animals"

*Please take a moment to sign this newer petition? Thanks :-)


Pet rats killed in washing machine not considered "companion animals"

Justice for pet rats killed in washer
via Facebook

The video of rats being killed in a washing machine was shared on Facebook by a person who apparently thought it was funny. Killing defenseless creatures is never funny or amusing. And in this case, it was torture.

This writer is one of many animal lovers who have kept and loved rats as pets. Rats are extremely intelligent; they learn their names and can do tricks. They are unusually clean animals; they constantly groom themselves. They can be litter trained like cats. For the judge in this case, Judge Kuzas, to say that rats are not companion animals is wrong. Because they are small, it doesn't make them any less loved or important than dogs or cats. In fact, when similar treatment was inflicted on a cat, a much harsher sentence was sought.

The case will be heard on June 15, 2015 at Branch 43, 3150 W. Flournoy, Chicago. A petition to Anita Alvarez, Cook County State's Attorney and the judge, the Honorable Robert D. Kuzas can be signed at: Justice for the Washer Rats. Please visit the site of the petition. It is extremely well-written and explains the various charges and why the harsher charge is merited.

The organizer of the petition states:

I have rats as companion pets and they are friendly, intelligent and love attention from their owners. If you watch the posted video you will see that the rats in the washing machine looked up to the camera as a dog or cat would, with fear in their eyes, pleading for help. I am fighting for justice for these lives lost just as I would if this happened to a dog, a cat or a human."

April 17th, 2015
03:15 pm
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Even more scumbags >:-/
These two jerks named Sam, Jerry & their friend Sherry from Hamilton were offering up baby rats with or without their mother D: How cruel can people get?

April 12th, 2015
09:32 pm
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A horrible woman in Chicago puts live pet rats in a washing machine D:

Please e-mail here to report this horrible woman who put live pet rats in a washing machine and turned it on! >:-/ EMAIL TO REPORT: accfoia@cityofchicago.org She posted a video of her putting them in a washing machine, dousing the rats with a water hose and then turning the machine on and letting the poor animals spin inside. Her name is Mary Louiski and she is from Chicago. This is her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mary.nash.54/about and here is a link to the video of her putting the rats in a washing machine!


There is also a petition to be signed here https://www.change.org/p/chicago-illinos-police-department-file-animal-cruelty-charges-against-mary-louski-for-drowning-animals-in-washer?utm_campaign=fb_dialog&utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature_receipt&post_id=1290263688_10206714150434299#_=_

Send messages to the school she goes to as well and tell them about the horrible thing she did to those poor animals! https://www.facebook.com/wendell.phillips

  • 244 East Pershing Road

  • Chicago, IL, United States 60453

* Update Mary Nash aka Mary Louiski on Facebook and her mother Darlissa Freeman were arrested, charged and released with a promise to appear pending attending court in Cook County, Illinois. The sad news is that upon inspection of the home by the authorities, none of the rats had survived. :-(

03:59 pm
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This is why it should be much harder for people to own animals! >:-/

Humane Society Raids Neighborhood Pet Shop

Updated: Thu 7:06 PM, Apr 09, 2015

The Nebraska Humane Society raided an attached garage at a home in west Omaha filled with hundreds of mice and rats.

Acting on an anonymous tip, Humane Society officers and Omaha Police served a warrant at a home just south of 105th and Q Streets.

Officers have been at the home throughout the day.

You wouldn't expect to find a pet shop in this southwest Omaha neighborhood but that is what NHS claims it found.

Box after box is taken from the home

Inside are rats and mice.

"We served a search warrant here with the Omaha Police Department after complaints were received of an illegal pet store being operated out of this house," Mark Langan of the NHS said.

Officers seized hundreds of mice and rats after receiving an anonymous tip.

Langan tells WOWT 6 News they've been conducting an on-going investigation into alleged illegal pet selling activity here.

"It appears as though this has been going on quite some time, maybe several years out of this address, so we are confiscating records showing sales of animals from this house," Langan said.

Langan tells us inside a back garage were hundreds of mice and rats

But inside the rest of the home, were snakes, lizards, birds and a bunny.

Only the mice and rats were being removed because of unsafe conditions in a back garage.

"With the high ammonia levels about three and a half times what they should have been, those mice and rats were showing signs of sneezing and eye irritation our veterinarians were examining them and said they had to be removed,” Langan said.

Neighbors tell WOWT 6 News that they've seen buying and selling activity taking place here before.

That investigation will continue as the rest of the mice and rats are removed from the home.

"Could be additional charges pending, right now we are confiscating about 500 mice and rats, issuing citations for unsanitary conditions, animal cruelty and operating a pet store without a license," Langan said.

We've been in contact the homeowner. She said "we love our animals, you can ask anyone in this community, we love our animals. We've helped thousands through education in libraries and schools."

The conditions inside the home itself were deemed safe by the humane society to allow the owners to keep the rest of his animals.
April 3rd, 2015
12:44 pm
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More sick people who've used Kajiji to give up their rats as snake food! >:-/
People like this are scum and have no respect for the lives of small animals! >:-/ Just look at the ads and how they don't give a damn about what happens to their animals. I hope these people rot! >:-/

March 30th, 2015
10:26 pm
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This is how badly Hogtown Reptile Shop Inc in Florida treats small animals in their possession D:
"Courtney Miner reviewed Hogtown Reptile Shop Inc.1 star

Rats are kept in horrible conditions. All bitten to pieces, all mean, moms are way overbred. There are cages of animals everywhere that aren't properly taken care of. I am never going here again."

As reviews on Facebook show this shop does not house small animals properly and refuses to get them proper veterinary care if they are injured as the next few photos will show. Thankfully these few rats were rescued from the horrible shop. In my opinion scumbags like the people who run this shop should not be allowed to sell animals at all! >:-/

The following photos were taken inside Hogtown Reptile Shop Inc.  2104 SW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32608, United States


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