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Kenneth and Lynn Kubic don't deserve life in jail for how they torture animals! >:-/

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Factory, a rodent-breeding barn, and Jurassic Pets LLC, a pet store. Witnesses routinely found animals suffering in horrific conditions.

Based on PETA’s evidence, the Thornton, Colorado, Police Department executed a search warrant at Jurassic Pets on December 10, 2014, that allowed them to rescue some of the mammals, reptiles, and amphibians there.

Despite having extensive evidence of persistent, widespread cruelty to animals since October 2, 2014, the Adams County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) still has not seized or rendered aid to the thousands of animals kept at Willards Rodent Factory.

See the eyewitness video from PETA’s investigation:

*This poor rat was rescued, taken to a vet where it was humanely put down to end her suffering. :-(

A photo found of Lynn Kubic

A photo found of Lynn, Lee & Kenneth Kubic.

Willards Rodent Factory: The Kubics' Barn of Horrors
The Kubics breed rats and mice in a barn located on their Adams County property—just a few feet away from their family residence. Thousands of rodents—crowded shoulder to shoulder in filthy tubs on top of bedding saturated with weeks’ worth of waste—were kept in bins and metal troughs inside the barn during the course of PETA’s investigation. The Kubics did not employ a single full-time person to care for the animals. Lynn Kubic claimed that “you just don’t make enough money at this to … have a ton of employees or spend a ton of time out here.” Hundreds of rodents were found dying, dead, and decomposing.

Tubs housing rodents frequently flooded, drowning rats and mice by the hundreds. Lynn Kubic—who admitted that she would not enter the barn after a flood because of the stench—lamented the loss of money but never the suffering of the drowned animals.

Cats were permitted to roam freely in and out of the “rodent factory,” terrifying rats and mice by opening tubs in which rodents were housed, defecating above them, and even tearing them apart. Rats and mice starved to death. Lynn Kubic admitted, “I probably lose more animals to starvation … than floods.” The Kubics fed rats and mice once per month, allowing the food to become moldy and covered with feces as the weeks passed.

The Kubics denied ill and injured rats veterinary care and instead “whacked” them—swung them by the tail and slammed them into a hard surface to try to kill them. The Kubics admitted to freezing live rats and mice to death.

Witnesses found a critically injured rat, “Miss Rat,” whose upper jaw, nose, and muzzle were missing. The Kubics’ son—the only authority present at the facility that day—instructed that Miss Rat be thrown to the free-roaming cats, adding, “It’s not like I care … [I]t’s one rat out of, like, 10,000 ….” The rat was taken to a veterinarian, who found that she was suffering from “traumatic injuries” and put her out of her misery.

Kenneth Kubic admitted that he shoots cats, while Lynn Kubic took kittens born to the cats and sold them in the couple’s pet store. At least two kittens languished without any effective veterinary care for obviously severe upper respiratory infections—and died.

Despite initial assurances that it would take swift action to rescue these long-neglected animals, the ACSO has allowed months to pass while animals languish, suffer, drown, and die, deprived of the protections afforded by Colorado’s anti-cruelty statutes, which they depend on the ACSO to uphold and enforce.

Jurassic Pets: Little Shop of Horrors
The Kubics sold many of the rats, mice, and kittens from the barn as well as reptiles and mammals bred and/or kept in their basement through their grimy pet shop in Thornton, called Jurassic Pets, where animals were crammed on top of one another inside cramped enclosures, in which feces, rotting meat, and dead animals collected for days.

As at the barn, workers also “whacked” rats and mice and admitted to wrapping them in plastic bags in an attempt to suffocate those who survived the blows. One little rat languished for almost 10 minutes—gasping for breath and trembling—after being “whacked.” A worker then tried to break the rat’s neck.

Scores of ill or injured animals languished without adequate veterinary care, despite managers’ and Lynn Kubic’s awareness of their poor conditions. As one worker put it, “A trip to the vet is gonna be a hundred and something, so is it really worth our money to do that? … [W]e are a business. … If we were to take every animal to the vet that truly needs to be, there’d be no reason to sell ‘em ….”

Witnesses found a hedgehog, since named Ghost, whose right eye was shrunken. Lynn Kubic denied Ghost adequate veterinary care for months, until her eye was so “infected” that it was “los[t].” Ghost was rescued, and a veterinary ophthalmologist found that she had been neglected so severely that her eye had degenerated and lost all vision.

The witnesses documented evidence of thousands of deaths including reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and fish, the latter of which occurred in multiple massive die-offs in the store, and some had been ignored for so long that their bodies were rotting. The facility’s manager would state that it was “too late” for many ailing reptiles and throw them into the freezer while still alive, where they suffered and died slowly and in agony.

Animals were routinely denied water. Many animals rushed to drink or soak themselves when water was provided for up to an hour.

[Lynn Kubic denied Ghost adequate veterinary care for her infected eye for so long that, as Kubic put it, her eye was ''los[t].'' Ghost was rescued and treated and has since found a good home. ] [Animals at Jurassic Pets, including this thin bearded dragon whose mouth was encrusted with discharge, were denied adequate care. ] [Scores of animals, including this Chinese water dragon, who was found floating in stagnant water, died from unknown causes at Jurassic Pets. ] [These rat pinkies were two of many found dead in the facility. Facility owner Lynn Kubic admitted to freezing rodents alive—causing a slow and painful death. ] [At Jurassic Pets, ailing reptiles were thrown into the freezer while still alive and left to freeze to death. ] [Animals were routinely denied water or had only filthy water contaminated with feces to drink; when water was provided, some drank for several minutes. ]"


PETA: Thornton pet store abused, killed animals


THORNTON – Following a police search at a pet store Wednesday morning, PETA has released details on the allegations of animal cruelty.

According to a spokesperson for Thornton Police, the warrant was executed at Jurassic Pets at 10380 Washington Street. PETA says during an eyewitness investigation, store staff tried to kill pet rats and mice by hitting them against surfaces. They are also accused of freezing rodents and reptiles alive.

"Rats and mice drowned in flooded tubs routinely and were found dead and rotting in bins saturated with waste," the statement from PETA read. "The Adams County Sheriff's Office has sat on evidence of widespread cruelty for months, and PETAis calling on officials to do their job and seize the animals still in danger at Willards Rodent Factory without further delay."

PETA says veterinary care and euthanasia were denied to many animals including a hedgehog who went without adequate veterinary care for months for an eye infected so badly that it shriveled and lost all vision. They say some of these animals were thrown outdoors to be prey for the cats kept around the barn, cats whose kittens were rounded up and sold.

According to PETA, the store is run by Lynn and Kenneth Kubic, who have been breeding animals since 1985.

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To people who say oh but PETA did the story, well whoever did the story, you cannot deny the fact that this pet trading business willfully was cruel to animals! We undoubtedly need to enact very strong anti-cruelty laws and punishments to help stop animal cruelty and regulate how the pet trade industry does business! Animals suffered and would have gone on suffering, but at least someone had the guts to go in and get the undercover footage, be it PETA, the ASPCA or the Police. - Moxxey

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