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Please sign and share this petition! - Rodent Club
February 24th, 2016
09:50 pm
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Please sign and share this petition!
Please sign and share this petition!


Petitioning Ohio State House and 3 others
Lexie Chestnut United States

In February 2016 Makayla Vanderheyden, Gabriel rose, and Alicia Kinkle of Goshen, Ohio abused and attempted to kill Makayla's pet rat, Carl. Makayla stuck her nose in Carl's cage, Carl most likely thought her nose was food and bit her. After this incident the women attempted to poison Carl with ibuprofen. When this didn't work they released Carl outside and attempted to get multiple cats to kill her, which they didn't. Alicia then picked Carl up by the tip of his tail and threw him into a stream. Like dogs and cats, Rats are highly intelligent and compassionate animals and don't deserve to be abused. We are calling for justice for Carl! The people involved should all be charged with animal abuse. People NEED to know that they can not get away with animal abuse no matter what type of animal it is.

ANIMAL ABUSE! Justice For Makayla Vanderheyden's Rat!

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