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Pets at Home managers abusively neglect animals behind shop floor…This must be stopped! - Rodent Club
March 6th, 2016
12:50 am
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Pets at Home managers abusively neglect animals behind shop floor…This must be stopped!
Please sign and share this petition!


Pets at Home managers abusively neglect animals behind shop floor…This must be stopped!

I was an employee at Pets at Home for over 8 months - I was good at my job and was awarded colleague of the month early on. However, I stood up for the welfare of the animals, and refused to neglect, cause suffering or do a disservice to them - I took their value of "pets before profit" to heart, which I found managers do not themselves. For this I was victimised and bullied out of my job. They are not prioritising the welfare of their animals - this must be improved with new legal guidelines or they should stop selling pets forever...

* I was forced me to sell hutches that were too small - guinea pig runs for rabbits when a PAH guinea pig run is 152cm x 61cm x 83cm, and welfare guidelines state a rabbit requires the run space of 244cm x 122cm x 122cm. Quote manager "they can buy a hamster cage off ebay for all I care."
* Training books are not marked - I handed mine in and it was returned un-checked. Any colleague who does not take the time to read and internalize all the information correctly could easily make it all up.
* Managers are disposing of mice in the most inhumane ways. No protocol, they place sticky boards down for mice to suffer for hours by trying to chew their feet off for escape, throw babies onto footpaths and on the road.
* Managers are administering medication incorrectly because they neglect to read veterinary notes or even the mode of administration and dosage on the side of the bottle.
* My manager sold three baby guinea pigs to a lady who had already "returned" 4 on two separate occasions - one of which had died. She claimed they were biting, which they only do when severely threatened. He sold her more with no care of the environment he was sending them to.
* Cages in the isolation and quiet room were overstacked - collapses frequently happened, crushing occupants.
* Prep room space is too small and unhygienic - our sink where we prep food and water was blocked for weeks with bacteria ridden water.
* Our cremation freezer with animal carcasses was left open for a week because no manager called the cremation company to empty it - deceased, rotting animals metres away from our live animals.
* Animals are sat in rooms behind the warehouse for months refused the ability to exercise or play - despite colleagues attempts to do so.
* Managers have very little interaction or even knowledge of animals - they are only taught how to make sales and sell. My managers sold rats and rabbits claiming there was no way they could be pregnant at 16 weeks old, despite showing signs and even spending time in the wrong gender cages!
* Managers made me sell guinea pigs that clearly had the onset of conjunctivitis, and worse ring worm (which can infect humans too).
* Fish are imported from Singapore in the same bag for the whole journey, most arrive in store dead - and yet they tell you that you cannot keep your fish in the bag for longer than 30 mins - hypocrites.

If we are not making a sale with a customer - even loyal ones, they wonder why the hell we are talking to them. Targets and sales are all that matters - VIP sign ups and swipe rates - the managers harp on about the bonuses they want to receive. They have little care about YOU, YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS, OR EVEN YOUR PETS.

I have been bullied, but that is personal and frankly not the most important thing. But colleagues are scared to speak out for fear of their contract being terminated - illegally ignoring all disciplinary guidelines. Colleagues are run off their feet and forced to work several hours overtime on a low hourly contract - preventing them from getting fairly deserved benefits. PAH is understaffed and as PROFIT COMES BEFORE ANIMALS, they are never given time to provide for the animals in store, which is what they really want to do. Everyone joins thinking they can make a difference but the store managers put in place are bullies and it is like hitting your head against a brick wall. See www.glassdoor.co.uk for colleague reviews and experiences - many speak of bullying.

Please sign this petition so that someone with the power to take on a corporation as large as Pets at Home can fairly investigate conditions (other than a planned check on welfare by their own employees) and make changes bound by law. The bigger pets at home becomes, the more it starts to work like a battery farm. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE.

Thank you,

Anonymous former colleague.
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