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Stand up for rats. Ask pet stores to stop live feeding! - Rodent Club
May 15th, 2016
11:26 pm
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Stand up for rats. Ask pet stores to stop live feeding!
Please sign and share this petition!


Stand up for rats. Ask pet stores to stop live feeding!

BY: Morrigna Pavietre
TARGET: USA President

3,597 supporters

Every pet deserves to be taken good care of, but is it really necessary to subject rats to torture just so snake owners can feed their pets? Feeder rats are being kept in terrible conditions. Grown up rats spend most of their lives in small plastic containers with no space to move around. Due to lack of ventilation they develop respiratory infections and neurological problems. After female gives birth and babies start eating hard food, they end up in the pet store where they are kept in big numbers in small glass tanks which are not suitable environment for a rat and makes them even more sick. Constant sneezing, difficulty breathing, itching, disorientation - these are just few of problems that they have to go through due to neglect and poor conditions. Rats are very intelligent and social animals, they need interaction with humans on a daily basis, yet they will never be handled and suffer depression. In the end, physically sick and frightened they will be bought as a meal for a snake. No animal should suffer like this, to be born and live like a slave just to end up killed in the end. So I ask everyone to sign and demand that live feeding be banned.

Countries like United Kingdom have already made live feeding illegal and snake owners don't face any difficulties, in fact, training your snake to eat frozen food will ensure it's getting more nutritious, disease free meal without a risks of an injury.

Stop this cruelty to rats, ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT.
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